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rental of sea containers

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deposits in the 4 corners of France

Our depots in France allow us to offer rentals from Marseille, Fos, Le Havre, Lyon. We only work with qualified transporters to ensure the delivery and unloading of these containers.

things you need to know


We offer the rental of used 20' or 40' maritime containers in good watertight condition. Our rental service is designed for storage on site in France. The rental containers offered cannot beexported. For a container rental, the minimum duration is 3 months. We take care of the delivery and unloading of the container at your premises. We will also take back the container.
You have the option of opting for a long-term rental and ending up with a purchase. 

Professionals in need of cold storage, opt for our refrigerated solutions. The rental of a reefer container is an economical alternative in case of increased activity or temporary storage of foodstuffs.
The rental of a reefer container is also for a minimum of three months. The long-term rental of a reefer container is a reliable and practical solution.

delivery cost

Container transport prices are calculated according to the distance from our nearest depot to the delivery point. A 20-foot container will be delivered on half a truck equipped with a crane arm or not depending on whether you have opted for an unloading service or not. We can transport your containers by road transport. Our carriers can pick up the containers at a point A and drop them off at a point B. These services are tailor-made. Please contact our client care for this type of service. Our deliveries by road transport are limited to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. If you wish to export the container in Africa, the United States or the French overseas departments and territories, for example, you must contact a forwarding agent. Only this forwarding agent will be able to calculate the cost of transport to a foreign country.


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Choose your options & secure your containers

lock for a shutlock maritime container


A lock that is positioned across the doors and offers a solution of absolute security.

padlock for sea container


Made of hardened, corrosion-resistant steel, suitable for padlock covers. It ensures the security of goods.

Cans with color paint, roller brush and color guide isolated on white background

painting package

RAL paint package of your choice. Stripping, sandblasting, primer and top coat.

electrical package element for sea containers

Electricity pack

The electric pack includes a switch, a double neon light and a 220v socket.