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bucket truck rental

We are focused on the world's largest economy, yours. Goliat offers you the rental of a gondola truck from our depot in Sailly Labourse, 10 min from Béthune. We put at your disposal a range of 16m aerial bucket trucks for all your work at height. Intervene easily in high places and difficult to access thanks to its telescopic arm. It is easy to set up and allows a quick change of workstation. The aerial truck is the useful and economical solution to simplify your outdoor work such as pruning your trees, laying cables for lighting, decoration or signage, cleaning facades...

safety & professionalism

Deposits in France and Europe

Having depots in such important ports as Le Havre, Marseille or Antwerp contributes greatly to our position as a leader in the container market. So rent your own container truck from our depot on Sailly Labourse. 


Transportation is the first step in the delivery process. In other words, we take care of transporting your container from one of our depots to your site.

We offer the rental of used 20' or 40' maritime containers in good watertight condition. Our rental service is designed for storage in France.

Rent the space you need for the duration of your choice. 42 boxes are at your disposal, from 5m² to 14m² on our self storage park located in Sailly Labourse.

Do you need a cheap, secure and temporary storage container rental in Douai? Don't look any further... Our self storage rental solution is ideal for you!