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20-feet maritime

20 Foot Sea Container

Used and first trip 20 foot dry containers are available among our range of containers for sale. The 20-foot maritime container is a real reference in the field of maritime transport and very often used to store goods, pallets (the number of pallets in the 20-foot container can vary from 8 to 12).

  • Size: 14 m² (14 sq. ft.)
  • Length: 6,058 m
  • Capacity: 33 m3
  • Weight: 2.220 Kg
france container maritime Goliat 20 ft
Internal Dimensions
5.898m x 2.344m x 2.376m
External Dimensions
6.058m x 2.438m x 2.591m
Good to know

The 20-foot dry first voyage sea container is a container that has made a journey from the manufacturing plant in Asia to Europe. It is made of corten steel with an interior wooden floor. The weight of the container is 2220 Kg when empty. The 20-foot dry container can hold up to 12 pallets of goods, i.e. a maximum weight in the 20-foot container of 28780 kg. It is available in white, blue and other colours.

The used 20-foot dry container can be used for storage, sea transport, export of goods, but also for the construction of houses based on containers for example. It is completely overhauled and guaranteed watertight with a valid CSC plate. Made of steel, the 20 feet dry container is ideal for all types of situations. The price of the used 20-foot container is very interesting considering the advantages it brings. You can buy a used 20 feet container from our depots in Le Havre, Lyon, Fos, Marseille or Antwerp (Belgium).

The 20-foot sea container last voyage cannot be exported. The 20-foot container last voyage or not overhauled sold in the condition cannot sail. This 20-foot container is indeed at the end of its life and does not have the CSC plates. This low cost container, can be used to store pallets or any other goods on land. We have stocks of 20-foot sea containers in Belgium and France.

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lock for a shutlock maritime container


A lock that is positioned across the doors and offers a solution of absolute security.

padlock for sea container


Made of hardened, corrosion-resistant steel, suitable for padlock covers. It ensures the security of goods.

Cans with color paint, roller brush and color guide isolated on white background

painting package

RAL paint package of your choice. Stripping, sandblasting, primer and top coat.

electrical package element for sea containers

Electricity pack

The electric pack includes a switch, a double neon light and a 220v socket.