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20 feet construction bungalow

20 feet site bungalow (office container)

Ce container bureau 20 pieds (bungalow de chantier), module bureau 6m, aménagé, très lumineux et  isolé à base de laine de verre ou mousse polyuréthane, vous offre un maximum de souplesse et s’adapte facilement à vos besoins. Nous faisons en sorte que vos espaces de vie vous assurent le bien être et la sécurité que vous méritez. Ainsi nous pouvons ajouter des équipements complémentaires à chaque bâtiment modulaire.

  • Size: 14 m² (14 sq. ft.)
  • Length: 6 m
  • Capacity: 33 m3
  • Weight: 1930 Kg
20 feet site bungalow
Internal Dimensions
5.86m x 2.24m x 2.34m
External Dimensions
6.05m x 2.43m x 2.59m
Good to know

Our range of modules offers autonomous, functional and comfortable bungalow office spaces. Connection points, electrical installation, bright interiors, so many strong points that contribute to the dynamism of your company. We make sure that your living spaces provide you with the well-being and security you deserve. Thus we can add additional equipment to each office container.

Temporary or permanent modular construction meetsspace management andeconomy needs. This 3 meter container bungalow insulated with glass wool or polyurethane foam, offers you maximum flexibility and can easily be adapted to your needs. All companies, whatever their size, opt for this type of economical construction.

Available in just a few weeks, quick installation, expandable at any time, optimal thermal and sound insulation, these are the advantages that make our range of office and sanitary modules a success.
Complete your structures by combining sea containers and office containers and create a useful, practical workspace that reflects your image.


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Choose your options & secure your containers

lock for a shutlock maritime container


A lock that is positioned across the doors and offers a solution of absolute security.

padlock for sea container


Made of hardened, corrosion-resistant steel, suitable for padlock covers. It ensures the security of goods.

Cans with color paint, roller brush and color guide isolated on white background

painting package

RAL paint package of your choice. Stripping, sandblasting, primer and top coat.

electrical package element for sea containers

Electricity pack

The electric pack includes a switch, a double neon light and a 220v socket.