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Are you looking for a second-hand shipping container in Fos sur mer at a low price? We have a container depot in Fos sur mer.

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Are you looking for a maritime container in the region of Fos Sur Mer (13)? We have stocks of containers in Fos available immediately and deliverable in the Bouches Du Rhône. A second-hand container stored in the 13 is serviced in our port workshops in Fos sur Mer or Marseille. These containers delivered in the Bouches du Rhône can be used for the storage or transport of goods.

Purchase of used sea containers in Fos sur mer

It is possible to buy a second-hand maritime container at Fos Sur Mer and have it delivered in the Bouches Du Rhône. In our depots in the south of France, we have a large stock of second-hand containers available. Transport, delivery and unloading are possible in the south.
Our logistics system allows us to deliver your container within 10 to 15 days. We work with several carriers who can unload and position the container at your premises.

Purchase and sale of second-hand 20' and 40' maritime containers in Fos Sur Mer

Maritime containers are being diverted from their traditional uses. You can store, build, rent, cut, assemble containers. With the ports of Marseille and Fos the positioning of containers has exploded in recent years to create storage spaces (self storage), for constructions (housing or work spaces), for the design of works of art, restaurants, snacks etc.. Every opportunity is good to buy a container on the Fos sur mer side. At Goliat we supply the Bouches Du Rhone with new or used 20-foot maritime containers or used 40-foot containers.

Container last trip to Fos

Last Voyage" or "Unrevised Sold as is" containers are used containers that are no longer suitable for use on the Seaway. These containers have more experience than good condition used containers and may have some defects. We always offer our customers more qualitative solutions for their projects. The last 40-foot containers from Fos sur mer are currently no longer available. We prefer reconditioned second-hand containers, which are a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Price of a 20-foot container in Fos

Container prices change often and quite quickly. The number of 40-foot containers available is greater than the number of 20-foot containers in Fos. However, the demand for 20-foot containers is important, which makes the prices of containers in Fos fluctuate. The price of the container is not the only factor to be taken into account. The condition of the container, the price of transport, the customer follow-up are also aspects to be studied during your purchase.

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